Surfacequest® Architectural Fusions®

Surfacequest Architectural Fusions look like a million bucks, for about $975,000 less.

Before you spend $25,000, or $100,000, or a whole lot more finishing or renovating elevators, doors, casework, columns, counters, built-in desks and workstations, or interior wall surfaces, give us a call. Let us show you how Class A office buildings, five star resorts, hospitals, national restaurant chains and performing arts centers have saved 75% or more on interior surface finishes with our Architectural Fusions. You can also earn valuable LEED points, avoid the mess, downtime and cost associated with demolishing and disposing of existing surfaces and materials.

If you can imagine it, our Architectural Fusions will help you achieve it. With over 1,500 textural patterns, this next-generation surfacing solution creates new design possibilities for your construction and renovation projects. Transform any surface. Create stunning visual results. Architectural Fusions give you an unmatched value proposition, combining exceptional textural quality with affordability, durability and flexibility.

Simply beautiful surfaces

Surfacequest Architectural Fusions do not just mimic the look of wood, stone, fabric, metal and other surfaces. Three-dimensional textures in each finish reflect light like the real material. You simply can’t tell the difference. That’s why luxury hotels like the Peabody Orlando have chosen our Architectural Fusions for their interiors.

Fast and clean resurfacing

Surfacequest Architectural Fusions install much faster than conventional surfacing materials. There’s no construction dust or noise and facilities can stay open during the day while resurfacing work is completed. We often work at night, but even when we complete jobs during regular business hours, building occupants experience none of the dust, detours, or loud noise typically associated with an interior renovation project.

Cost-effective renovation

Surfacequest Architectural Fusions earn LEED credits, have lower material costs and much lower delivery, installation and cleanup costs. We can adhere to existing surfaces, eliminating the cost and mess of demolition and waste removal.

Substantial weight savings

Surfacequest Architectural Fusions are durable and save millions of pounds in luxury cruise ship interiors and custom jet interiors. In buildings, elevator cab interiors can be updated without any requirement for weight recalibration or recertification.

And huge cost savings

A renovation or new construction project that employs Surfacequest Architectural Fusions typically costs about 75% less than using actual materials such as wood paneling, smooth stone, or brushed stainless steel. You save money not just on the actual material cost, but also on labor for demolition, installation and cleanup. There are no waste removal costs or landfill fees. And while it may be hard to track, downtime and productivity losses are dramatically reduced or, in most cases, eliminated.

Anti-microbial surfaces

Surfacequest Architectural Fusions are available with built-in antimicrobial protection, offering an ideal solution for hospitals, physicians’ offices, commercial kitchens and locker rooms.